At Gents Fitness, we believe that much of the fitness industry prioritizes instant physical change instead of prioritizing one’s overall well-being.  Our clients are important to us.  We begin by building strong relationships with our customers to understand and respect their individual fitness goals.  In doing so, we can tailor fitness plans that will keep the client motivated and happy, which will guarantee continued success.  We don’t skip any steps in reaching the overall goal. With the development of an individual fitness plan catered to each person, our clients learn to enjoy and appreciate the process of their personal journey.


Matt Gentles

Matt Gentles, owner of Gents Fitness, has a passion for fitness.  At 10 years old, his interest in fitness was sparked when his father and older brother began training at a local gym to improve their own overall well-being. Matt was so intrigued by this, that he began reading books and magazines to increase his breadth and depth of knowledge. By 14, Matt joined his family at the gym and began not only training, but putting his knowledge into action by ensuring his diet was sufficient to meet his new training needs.  As a teenager, Matt was eager to share his knowledge with other teens who were interested in improving their physical fitness.  He helped several of his classmates develop training plans to meet their goals, whether it was weight loss, increasing muscle, or athletic development.  He continued to study and learn about fitness and nutrition to expand his knowledge and help those around him.

After high school, Matt began to pursue his diploma at Seneca College, which is where he was introduced to the sport of powerlifting.  After competing several times in powerlifting competitions, Matt discovered the importance of defining your purpose when beginning your fitness journey.  Upon graduating from Seneca, he decided he wanted to turn his passion for fitness into a career. While working full time, Matt completed his Personal Training Certification (ISSA) and began training several friends to gain one-on-one personal training experience.  From this, he realized that his love of helping and teaching others was more than just a career choice, it was his passion.  In January 2017, Matt launched Gents Fitness in the pursuit of helping others with their fitness and nutrition journeys.



Mike began weight training at the age of 16, and immediately began teaching classmates and friends about the importance of nutrition and exercise.  Mike pursued his advanced diploma in Fire Protection at Seneca College where he continued to help classmates by introducing them to weight training and assisting with nutritional guidance.

In 2014, Mike began competing in the sport of powerlifting.  He has won the award for Best Male Lifter on more than one occasion, proving his dedication to the sport and fitness.  He believes that he has attained this success due to his well-rounded knowledge on weight training and nutritional programming.  He has shared his knowledge with several friends and co-workers to assist them in improving their own health and well-being by developing both fitness and nutrition plans.  Mike is now a certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition through ISSA, and is excited to continue to help others.


Gents Fitness is located within Iron Fitness Strength Club at 9833 Markham Road in Markham. They are a 24-hour strength club facility offering a variety of weight machines, cardiovascular equipment, free weights, and Olympic platforms.