"We're going to die anyway, is being healthy worth it?"

Healthy food tastes bad, its too expensive, exercising is difficult, I will start in the new year, who cares when we’re going to die anyway?! Does this sound like you? I understand you because I have been through many phases where these thoughts flooded my mind.

A lot of people get excited about pursuing a healthy lifestyle, but when it comes time to do it they easily get discouraged and always resort back to the “we’re all going to die anyway” negative attitude.  The internet is filled with hundreds of different diet and exercise programs, so it is easy to get overwhelmed and turn back before even getting started. That’s why at Gent’s Fitness I like to simplify things to avoid getting overwhelmed and quitting.

If the reason you’ve decided to introduce a healthy lifestyle in your regimen is to increase the number of years on your life, then I feel like you need to reconsider your “why”.

I will be honest with you, always keeping your “why” in sight is a very difficult thing to do, so I suggest you write it down and remind yourself as much as necessary. I have narrowed it down to MY top 5 reasons why I continue to pursue a healthy lifestyle; my goal here is to help you find your “why”, and greatly increase the chances of you sticking to a healthy lifestyle.

1.       Improved mood

  • This has always worked for me. When I am down, exercise has always improved my mood, and it has even been shown that regular exercise and good nutrition can decrease your anxiety and depression long term.

2.       Increased sleep quality

  • This one is huge for me, as after a weekend of poor nutrition and minimal exercise my sleep is greatly affected, and if you’ve ever met me you know I am not the most pleasant person without AT LEAST 6 hours of sleep.

3.       Strengthens the immune system

  • Recently I decided that I wasn’t going to get a cold this winter, I know it’s a bold statement but getting sick is such a setback! So, I am trying my best to consistently stay healthy in order to decrease the chances of this happening.

4.       Increased energy levels

  • I would rather live my life as a jellyfish than a sloth (apparently, jellyfish are one of the most energy-efficient creatures in the animal kingdom, who knew?!)

5.       Increased functional strength

  • Mark Rippetoe once said, “Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and they’re more useful in general.” That’s enough to get me going!

There are hundreds of reasons to live a healthy lifestyle, these were my main 5 and I hope that it got your brain thinking about your personal reasons to start or continue down this path. I promise you that it’s worth it. If you have any questions on how to get started, please feel free to message me through any platform, I would love to help!