Christmas Holiday Survival Tips

It's that time of the year again! Don't let your fitness fall apart. Here is our top 10 tips to help you stay on track during the Christmas holidays. Hope you enjoy! 

1. Cut the calories in your alcohol

If I told you to cut the alcohol throughout the holidays you would probably laugh and click the exit button. That’s not what we are about, we like to be practical and apply realistic solutions.

Over the holidays, you are going to be invited to many social events and different parties. Don’t say no, but also don’t use every opportunity to consume copious amounts of alcohol. Pick which party you would like to indulge in, then choose drinks that have a lower calorie content. 

2. Keep multivitamins handy

Frequent outings, higher alcohol consumption, holiday stress and lack of sleep, are all things we experience at this special time of year. Our immune systems take a hit when you experience these factors. We suggest taking a daily multi-vitamin to help you stay healthy which may reduce the risk of you getting sick. 

3. Stay Hydrated

High carb desserts, unlimited amounts of holiday stuffing, and alcohol, are all things that can dehydrate you. Staying hydrated throughout the day may prevent you from over eating and may help you retain less water the following day. 

4. Pre-eat

Don’t skip breakfast and lunch just because Grandma is cooking her annual Christmas Dinner, this is an easy way to over eat and make yourself sick. Instead plan a healthy breakfast and a light lunch before you go. 

5. Set Christmas holiday micro goals

We understand you’re busy, but this doesn’t mean taking 3 weeks off from your exercise plan. Prioritize short at-home body weight circuits and short sessions in the gym consistently. This will make all the difference for your health and be sure you schedule it in at least every other day.

6. Plan your desserts

If you have plenty of dinners to attend you’re going to need to create a plan. Choose 1-2 dinners where you allow yourself small servings of dessert.

7. Start New Year's fitness goals early

We are all guilty, we all get super ambitious about our new years resolutions and say we are going to apply them shortly into the new year. Do you ever actually start? Why not start in the prior weeks leading up to Christmas, by the new year you will already be into a new fitness routine and may already see results. 

8. Take pre/probiotics

Like multi-vitamins we suggest consistently using probiotics. Keep your digestive system running smoothly and your gut in check, you will thank us later.

9. If you’re going out to a restaurant look up the menu on your smart phone and choose a healthy choice.

Whatever restaurant you are going to you will most likely have access to the menu before hand, this means you will have the opportunity to compare meals and eliminate the options that aren’t good for you.

10. Re-read tips 1-9

You already invested time into reading this blog, now re-read these tips and apply them to your holidays for a happier, healthier lifestyle that will go right into the new year! Thanks for reading everyone!