Worst pieces of fitness equipment

Every year we see a company try to re-invent fitness equipment, very rarely do you see it last in the market. Here is a list of different pieces of fitness equipment that are completely ridiculous.

1.The shake weight

  • The shake weight consists of a dumbbell with a spring attaching the weight on each side. It claims to help you build muscle mass and lose body fat with just a 6 minute workout a day. It is an affordable piece of equipment and the exercises are easy to perform but that shake weight neglects the fact that an exercise to build muscle mass should consist of a eccentric and concentric portion, in which the shake weight fails to consist of. 

2.Power balance bracelets


  • Power balance bracelets are known to improve your balance, strength, and flexibility.The power balance bracelet company has even admitted their product lack scientific evidence and doesn't live up to the hype they advertised, they offer full refunds to any customers who aren't satisfied with their product.

3.Vibration Belts


No need to exercise anymore, the vibration belt claims to transform your body by just wrapping this device around your belly. Sound too good to be true? Then it probably is. Some studies have shown for it to be beneficial BUT, they recommend to not replace other forms of exercise when using it. Another product that has failed to live up to it's hype.

4.Dumbbell Utensils

  • Dumbbell utensils were created  so eating would be more difficult. I understand the concept (not really though) but that execution of the product has failed miserably. 

5. 8 minute abs



  • Admit it, we all want the fastest easiest way to get into shape. The reality is it takes hard work and consistency to sustain results. When these companies come out with products that promise quick results, you can see it as a red flag and save your money!

The fitness industry is going to continue to bombard us with products that fail to produce results. I hope all of you have enough sense to now stay away from all these products and continue to use stuff that has been proven to work like barbells, dumbbells, certain machines, cardio, and body weight exercises.