Debunking Fitness Myths Part 2

Here we go again! Another round of debunking fitness myths that linger around the fitness industry! Plenty more to go but here is another batch! If you didn't read my first "Debunking Fitness Myths Part 1" blog please be sure to click the link below.

1.Can I substitute real food with protein bars?

Quick answer: No

A lot of people have asked me this question before. If your only goal is to hit your daily macros, then you can probably justify eating several protein bars a week. Protein bars are usually very processed and you can't get the same nutritional value as you would with a real plate of good food. From a health point of view keep the protein bar consumption to a minimal, and eat real whole foods.

2. I'm 40, I must be hopeless

Quick answer: 40 is the new 20

Without a doubt your body has broken down over the last 40 years. You may not feel as good as you did when you were 18, but that's no excuse to let yourself go. Despite any hormonal deficiencies you may be going through, your body can still build and maintain muscle mass. That being said if you're 40 and haven't recently got your blood tested, please do. You may be feeling "down" due to a deficiency that can easily be treated.

3.Can I eat a limitless amount of fruit and not get fat

Quick answer: No

Fruit contains a high sugar content. Adding fruit to your diet is a great idea, as it contains lots of nutritional benefits. However, along with most foods if you eat too much of it, it can lead to weight gain because you are putting yourself into a calorie surplus.

4.I forgot my BCAA's at home, should I still workout?

Quick answer: Yes

Is it just me or is 90% of gym goers carrying around a gallon of flavoured BCAA's? BCAA's do have purpose but if your diet contains a sufficient amount of  high quality protein than the latest BCAA supplement isn't needed.

5.I'm doing a cleanse, is this going to give me my dream body?

Quick answer: Not a chance

You know all those cleanses you see on TV that are being advertised by celebrities? THEY DONT WORK! Your body has natural ways of detoxifying itself. Save your money, and go buy yourself a gym membership, and a grocery cart full of nutrient dense food. I promise you it will be 100% more effective.

That's all for today! 

Thanks everyone for reading!