Why your New Year's resolutions will fail

According to Forbes, only 8% of you will actually achieve your New Year's resolutions. Why is that? Many people have high expectations for themselves going into the new year. I wrote this blog to share with you some of the reasons why your resolutions have failed in the past and how you can achieve them this upcoming year.

1. Too many resolutions

  • You've probably done this for many years. You think of several resolutions that you want to accomplish and within a short period of time you are overwhelmed, and you simply give up. Try picking 1-3 resolutions, this will greatly increase your chance of succeeding.

2. Your resolutions aren't realistic

  • You want to lose 40 pounds in 14 days, or you want to go the gym every single day when you haven't been in 5 years. These are very unrealistic, think of resolutions that you know you can achieve. Not to say your resolutions shouldn't be big, but you need to be able to achieve them. Try using the SMART goal strategy to plan your resolutions. 

3. You have yet to give it any thought

  • It's now New Year's Day, you're hungover and you sleep the day away, and before you know it you're back at work and continuing on with your everyday life. There's a reason I have been posting about New Year's resolutions weeks prior, that's because if you don't make a well thought out plan ahead of time your chances of you failing greatly increases. The time to start is NOW!

4. You're letting the past and future affect the present

  • Not to say you shouldn't plan ahead. But also focus on the present, what can you do right now to move forward towards success?

5. Nobody is holding you accountable

  • Who's holding you accountable when you fall off track? If the answer is nobody, please find somebody close to you that will help you achieve your resolutions this year.

6. You haven't contacted Gents Fitness

  • I laughed out loud when I wrote this, don't worry this isn't a "Beach body in 7 days" sales pitch. If your resolutions are fitness related and you don't know how to get started or execute a plan I would love to help, even if it just means leading you into the right direction I would be more than happy to help you.

Thanks again for taking the time to read! Let me know if you have questions, I would love to help you figure out a plan for the new year.