To supplement, or not to supplement?

To supplement, or not to supplement? That is the question.

Whether inside or outside the fitness culture, supplements are often being promoted by friends, family and strongly on social media. This leads many to believe that significant success may only be achievable with the help of these various supplements by our side. Well, think again!

Oftentimes, people are taking protein, creatine, glutamine (insert typical supplement here), without really understanding why… well here’s why. In order to see aesthetic and/or strength gains being made efficiently, nutrition plays a huge role. This is how we refuel our body to get bigger, stronger and more energized. Now, realize as we live in such a fast-paced world, we may not always have the time to cook up something enriched with our nutritive necessities, so we depend on supplements to cover the gaps.

Here’s where many go wrong. People begin to primarily depend on protein shakes and creatine powders to complement their workout, leaving them satisfied with their daily nutritive consumption. Guess again. There is certain caloric and macronutrient levels that need to be hit every day in order to attain certain physique and strength goals and these supplements may be giving false hope.

To add, it has been scientifically proven that despite the amount of such macronutrients given in a supplement, not all of it will be absorbed during the digestive process. Meaning, if I consume 100 grams of protein, my body may only be able to absorb and utilize 30% of that protein. However, keeping it natural and eating whole foods allows for greater macro utilization through absorption.

Ultimately, take the time to learn your body, learn how to meal prep (if change truly is a priority for you!) and avoid the unknown chemicals from various supplements.  

Not to bash on supplements and advocate not taking them, however, use them for what they truly are, and that is SUPPLEMENTS.