Don't wait another year

Wake up! It's 2018 and you're alive, you've been gifted another year. If this year is like every other year you're probably feeling ambitious and ready to start 2018, whatever your resolutions might be. 

Let's review quickly what I talked about on my last blog "Why your New Year's resolutions will fail".

Top 5 reasons why you will fail

1. Too many resolutions

2. Your resolutions aren't realistic

3. You have yet to give it any thought

4. You're letting the past and future affect the present

5. Nobody is holding you accountable

6. You haven't contacted Gents Fitness

Ok, Mr. Negative how do I achieve my resolutions then? 

How to achieve your New Year's resolutions/goals

1. Set goals you care about.

  • Don't set goals around other people, set goals that motivate and inspire you. Way too often people set goals to impress their parents, friends, and other loved ones. If you do this your chances of failure will increase greatly. 

2. Set SMART goals

  • Specific- What do you want to accomplish and why?
  • Measurable- Ask yourself how much? How many? How will you know when it's accomplished?
  • Attainable- How realistic is your goal?
  • Relevant- Is your goal worthwhile?
  • Time Bound- When will this goal be accomplished?

3. Write them down

  • If you write your goal down it becomes real, you have no excuse to forget about it. 

4. Make an action plan

  • "A goal without a plan is just a wish". You need to write out a thorough action plan for how you are going to attain your goals, most people just focus on the final outcome, which is a great recipe for failure. 

5. Move forward EVERYDAY

  • We will all go through dark days where our goals seem out of reach. The secret is you have to keep moving forward every day. Your neck doesn't allow your head to look back for a reason. Every day is a new day, keep moving forward no matter what. 

Start now!

The time to take action is now! Don't wait another day. Thank you for reading this blog, and if you need any help starting 2018 off right please get in contact with me I would love to help.