Should I be using a food scale?

This is one of the most common questions I am asked when a client has decided to pursue a healthier lifestyle. When a food scale is used correctly it can be a very effective tool to help you reach your goals. I wrote this blog to help clarify why it might be in your best interest to invest in a food scale.


1. Accuracy

  • You've started a new diet/lifestyle and all the food prescribed to you is measured in grams and ounces. Using a food scale will accurately measure the food for you so you can make sure you are hitting your prescribed macros. If you are unsure what macros are please give my "What are macros?" blog a read.

2. Learn correct portion sizes

  • Using a food scale for the rest of your life is not ideal and we do not promote that, what we will promote is using the food scale to learn correct portion sizes. Portion sizes can be very misleading especially when you are just starting out. The more you use your food scale at the beginning of your journey the easier it will be to transition out of using it.

3. Inexpensive

  • I spent $20.00 on my food scale and I have had it for about 3 years. Inexpensive investment and it will probably outlast your cellphone.

4. Easy to use

  • If you've ever used a calculator, you may be overqualified. 

Personal Experience

I started using a food scale about 3 years ago to help measure my portion sizes, so I could eat the correct number of macros needed to reach my goals. The only problem I experienced was that because I have obsessive character traits, I started to weigh my food far too frequently.

Luckily, I recognized what I was doing was wrong and began to transition out of using a food scale and utilized my ability to "eyeball" portion sizes correctly. 

If you feel like you're someone who will get obsessed with measuring your food, please reach out and we can help you think of other ways to learn correct portion sizes. 

Thanks for reading everyone!