Common Form Breakdowns

Do you look like this after your workout?

Actual picture of me in 2008


I don't have an exact count on how many times I left the gym feeling like this. "But isn't that the point of going to the gym?" NO! The goal is to feel better after your workout. This doesn't mean you shouldn't be sore, there's a term for being sore, it’s called "DOMS" (delayed onset muscle soreness), which is a buildup of lactic acid and toxic metabolic waste (we will get into this on another day). There is a difference between being "sore" and being "hurt", and in this article, we are going to discuss ways we can prevent getting hurt.

So how do we avoid getting hurt? FORM FORM FORM, if this isn't your number one priority then you need to re-evaluate. Prioritizing this will be the difference between jacked legs and no legs (that doesn't even make sense but you get my point). So, I've broken it down to the 3 most common form breakdowns.
* Please keep in mind these are 3 out of MANY! 

3 most common form breakdowns


  1. Not hitting proper depth

  • Biggest misconception is "squatting deep is bad for your knees", unless you have a SIGNIFICANT knee injury there is no reason why you are not squatting to proper depth (hip crease below knee joint, this is called "breaking parallel").

  • Quick Fix: Go back to the foundation of squatting, perform a no less than perfect bodyweight squat. If you're having troubles with this DONT PANICK, send me a video through text/email/DM of you squatting and we will get you where you need to be.

  • If you don't fix this? If you're squatting high you're putting more stress on the knee.

Bench Press

    2. Flaring your elbows 

  • Every time you flare your elbows (90 degrees at bottom position) you're risking a shoulder impingement. When you lower the bar in this position the top of your upper-arm bone squeezes your rotator cuff tendons against your AC joint, THIS HURTS! Don't blame the bench press, its bad form that is cause this pain.

  • Quick Fix: Practice makes perfect, put your ego aside and make sure each rep has the correct elbow positioning starting with the bar.

  • If I don't fix this? The words shoulder impingements just sounds painful, your choice.


      3. Deadlifting with a rounded back

  • Oh yes, I know I'm famous for this in my earlier years, but I promise you this is the reason for almost putting me into early retirement.

  • Quick Fix: This MIGHT be a difficult one, I'm going to attach an awesome informal video to help you set up properly, if your back is still rounding and you don't know why, contact me and we will figure it out.

  • If you don't fix this? You will die, not actually BUT it can cause some serious damage.

Don't leave I'm not finished!
These are 3 of MANY common form breakdowns. If you've worked with me before you know I am very picky about learning how to lift properly. I am challenging ALL of you to video record a lift that you are struggling with and send it to me via text/DM/email and I will be more than happy to help you fix it! Don't make the mistakes I made, get your form fixed before it's to late.