My top 5 gym pet peeves

Spending many hours in commercial gyms inspired me to write about my top 5 gym pet peeves. I would be lying if I said I wasn't guilty of any of them, I think we have done at least 1 of them. 

Here we go!

My top 5 gym pet peeves

1. Not putting your weights away

  • Like I said, we are all guilty of at least 1 of these and I am definitely guilty of forgetting to put weights away. If you've left 12 45lb plates on the leg press please consider the 105lb female that needs to put them all away just so she can use the machine.

2.  Not sharing the machine you're using

  • Commercial gyms are very busy at times, we all need to share machines so everyone can get a good workout in.


3. Leaving your weekend sins on the equipment

  • By this, I mean your sweat. Please do not leave equipment soaked with your sweat for others to absorb.

4. Exercising in front of the dumbbell racks

  • There is no reason to stand right in front of the dumbbell rack to do your exercises (curls), others are trying to get access to the dumbbells and it can also be intimidating for some people.

5. On your phone during your entire workout

  • You caught me! I'm guilty of this BIG TIME. I blame apple music for letting me have access to an infinite amount of music.

Those are my top 5 biggest gym pet peeves! Let me know what yours are, thanks for reading!