#TeamNoSleep Part 2

Part 1 we talked about the basics of sleep! If you haven't read that PLEASE do so before you continue reading part 2, click here to check it out!

Now that you are all caught up, we can answer the ultimate question!

Can lack of sleep lead to weight gain?

YES! It absolutely can for several reasons, let's have a look!

8 reasons why lack of sleep can lead to weight gain

1. Elevated levels of ghrelin

  • Ghrelin is known as the hunger hormone and studies have shown that lack of sleep can lead to an increase in it.

2. Frequent snacking

  • Lack of sleep causes a lipid in the bloodstream called endocannabinoid to increase, which is responsible for making eating more pleasurable.

3. Less exercising

  • I think we can all relate to this when you're tired you feel like a space cadet. Going home to Netflix and (whatever you do) is probably more on your mind than the gym.

4. Minimal leptin produced

  • Leptin is responsible for suppressing appetite, therefore when you're sleep deprived your leptin level is altered. The less leptin produced the more hungry you are.

5. Slower Metabolism

  • Studies have shown us that a long period of sleep deprivation can lead to a slower metabolism

6. Increase in stress eating

  • Sleep deprivation put's stress on the body, whether you can accept that or not. A lot of people already struggle with stress eating, if you are one of these people look at your sleeping pattern, it may be an easy fix.

7. Hypothalamus is activated

  • Don't worry, I had no idea what this was either. Hypothalamus is an area of the brain that produces hormones, including the ones that regulate hunger.

8. Higher consumption of BAD drinks

  • I've noticed this in many people. When you are sleep deprived you try to compensate by consuming high sugar/caffeine drinks. Those Starbucks specialty drinks have enough sugar to put any healthy individual into a diabetic coma (not actually though, but close).

Stop being a hero and bragging how little sleep you can survive off of, your body is a taking a negative impact regardless of what you think. Hopefully, you will take this into consideration and watch 1 episode of the latest Netflix series instead of you two (I need to take my own advice on this one haha). Thanks for reading everyone! Check out #TeamNoSleep part 3 !