Do you feel like you need to "detox"?

If you answered "yes", you probably had a pretty good Christmas holiday! Welcome back to reality! 

The Detox Myth

So you were approached by someone who told you-you can wash away all your caloric sins and leave your organs cleansed with 3 small prices of $99.99.

Should you buy it? 

"Absolutely fu**ing NOT"

"Absolutely fu**ing NOT"

Why not?

There are 2 types of detoxing, one is the medical treatment of people with life-threatening addictions. The other is used by "entrepreneurs" to sell overpriced juices and shakes. If your body couldn't naturally detox itself from toxins, you would probably be dead.

Beleive it or not, your body will naturally detox itself IF you are treating it correctly.

How does your body detox itself?

1. The Liver

  • Your liver prepares toxins so the body can expel them through urine.

2. The Intestines

  • This is where food is passed and nutrients are absorbed. If your diet is not optimal this may lead to damaging your digestive process which will increase the likelihood of your body absorbing toxins.

3. The Kidneys

  • Your kidneys excrete waste by acting as a natural filter.

4. The Lungs

  • Your lungs can actually help expel toxins.

5. Skin

  • SWEAT SWEAT SWEAT! Not only does the skin acting as a cooling system for your body but it actually acts as a natural way for the body to detox.

If you took grade 6 science you know these organs do much more than what I have written above, but the purpose is a quick reminder.

3 best ways to naturally detox your body

1. Exercise

  • Exercising will rapidly increase your body's natural detoxification process. You should be exercising one hour each day. Find something you like and apply it to your daily routine.

2. Eat Real Food

  • You've been eating highly processed foods over the past 2-3 weeks. Your body is craving balanced healthy meals that are rich in nutrients. Cut the processed foods out of your daily routine and you will soon notice a big difference. 

3. Drink Water

  • Cut the juice and pop and make sure you drink water ALL DAY LONG. You can still drink coffee (no sugar and minimal cream), and tea but don't replace that for water.

4. Breathe

  • Breathing exercises aren't only the great way to manage stress but this will help improve your body's natural detoxing process.

Simple right?! Exercise, eat real food, drink water, and breathe! If you haven't started applying these than make sure you start right away! You will be amazed how much better you feel in a short period of time, the human body is an amazing system. Please save your money and don't buy the latest detoxifying program, you are more than capable of doing it on your own.