The most effective diet you'll ever hear of

How many times have you told your family members and coworkers you're going on a diet? Whether it was the Ketogenic diet or the Atkins diet the majority of you have tried some form of dieting at some point in your lives?

My question for you is, did it work? If you answered no then this blog is written for you! 


1. They cause you to overeat more often

  • How many of you are on the Monday-Thursday diet? Then as soon as the weekend hits you've consumed a month's worth of calories in just 3 days. By depleting yourself to such an extent all week long you are more likely to crash on the weekends. 

2. Fails to create sustainable change

  • You've finished your 12-week diet! You look incredible and are ready to show off your new body. The only problem is after these 12 weeks you've gone back to your old ways and nothing has actually changed. Sound familiar? I was recently scrolling through my old facebook pictures and realized I have done this several times. 

3. You've been eating too little for too long. 

  • Are you the person who's been dieting for the last 4 years and has failed to make any progress? This is because your body has now adapted to eating small amounts of food and now your metabolism has slowed down to compromise for the few calories you are eating. This is called metabolic adaption.


The main reason why diets work isn't that of a well thought out scientific method, it's because you've put your body into a calorie deficit. Meaning there are more calories being burned then there is being consumed. Yes, it's that simple!


The best diet you'll ever go on is the one you will stick to! Did I just make you mad for giving you such a simple answer? I'm sorry, but it's true! You need to think of a complete lifestyle change rather than just a short-term diet plan. Nobody wants to achieve a fitness goal short term, if they try to tell you they do then they probably lie about other things as well. 


1. Include variety

  • These low carb diets are great for short-term weight loss. You want to achieve longevity, make sure your new diet is balanced with all the food groups and macro-nutrients. The key is balance.

2. Hire a coach

  • Don't just buy a 1-time meal plan off of an Instagram celebrity. Hire a well-educated nutrition coach. They won't only help achieve your goals they will educate you on why you're doing what you're doing. 

3. Get interested

  • You want to learn how to eat well and still maintain a good lifestyle. You need to start taking an interest in how your body works. There are thousands of articles and videos on the web that will help educate you. If you've hired a coach make sure you're asking several questions so you can learn how to apply everything they are doing for you on your own one day. 

Let us know if you need help. Our nutrition coach Mike would love to help you! Thanks for reading everyone!