My top 5 resolutions for 2018

Since I am hassling everyone else to pursue their new year's resolutions I wanted to write a QUICK blog post on what I am pursuing in 2018. Here are my top 5 resolutions that are fitness and non-fitness related.

1. Address weaknesses (in training)

  • Over the past couple of years, I have accumulated minor injuries that were ALL preventable. It's time to take a step back with my training so I can take two steps forward. 

2. Rehab lower back

  • A lot of you can relate to lower back pain. Personally, I have been affected by it for YEARS and this year I plan on really giving it the attention it needs to feel 100% again. 

3. Schedule Frequently

  • I've been known to be quite the scatter brain, trying to do a million things at once than not being able to accomplish much because of it. This week I started using Google Calendar to schedule several days in advance. I am already amazed how much more productive my week has been!

4. Create and follow a Budget

  • I regret not doing this when I started working my first job as a dishwasher ten years ago. Better late than never though! I am using the app "Mint" to help me with my financial goals!

5. Take Gents Fitness to the next level

  • 2017 was an amazing year for Gents Fitness. I got to help dozens of people while making a career out of it! 2018 we plan on taking Gents Fitness to the next level, how? You will just have to wait and find out!

These may seem very broad, but I want to assure you there is a well thought out plan for each and every resolution. 

If you missed my last blog "Don't wait another year"  I talked about how to achieve your goals and resolutions, here is a quick review of what I wrote. I will be following this guideline to help me achieve my own resolutions.

How to Achieve your resolutions/goals

1. Set goals you care about.

2. Set SMART goals

3. Write them down

4. Make an action plan

5. Move forward EVERYDAY

Goodluck to everyone pursuing their new year's resolutions! Please don't hesitate to let me know if there is any way I can help. Thanks for reading!