Stay away from these kinds of personal trainers

Before hiring a personal trainer you should always ask yourself what your expectations are. Personal trainers are there to educate you, reduce the risk of injury, hold you accountable, motivate you, and give you strategies that will help you reach your goals. What separates a good personal trainer from a bad one? Unfortunately, this industry is very unregulated which attracts many people to work in it for the wrong reasons. I am sharing this blog with you so you will be able to identify the difference between a good personal trainer and a bad one.


  1. They believe you should always go to failure

    Doing a specific exercise to failure isn’t always a bad thing but the problem is it’s your trainers job to keep you progressing without injury. Most people who hire a personal trainer are completely new to training, which means their trainer should be focusing on teaching them how to do each basic movement effectively. Every rep, every set, every exercise should be performed to the best of your abilities, therefore, by emptying your tank in the first few sets of your workout you will not be able to perform effectively for the rest of your workout.

  2. Everything is always a secret

    If you’re looking to hire a personal trainer chances are you will be spending anywhere from $60-$120 per session. Your trainer should be trying to educate you so you can build skills and habits that will last the rest of your life. It should be in every trainer’s intentions to educate their clients as much as they can to get the most sustainable results.

  3. They try and sell you supplements

    It’s your first session and your trainer has already recommended you buy hundreds of dollars worth of “muscle building/fat burning” supplements. This is wrong in every way. If your new to this chances are there are some areas in your daily nutrition you will need to work on. Invest in real food and some Tupperware containers.

  4. They are not attentive

    In the first paragraph, I stated that you should always ask yourself your expectations of hiring a personal trainer. Most likely you have a problem and you want them to solve it. If your trainer can’t listen to you for 5 mins without checking their phones chances are they probably don’t care about your problems and are just looking to take your money.

  5. They use body shaming as motivation

    I rarely see this anymore but that doesn't mean it’s not out there. I have heard many different horror stories about trainers body shaming their clients to try and motivate them. This is a sign that a trainer is an uneducated bully and they need to find a new industry as soon as possible!

  6. Everything is overcomplicated

    The stuff people learn in exercise related courses may be complicated but as a client, you should be seeking a trainer that can make it simple for you. You have enough going on in your own life you therefore what you learn from your trainer should be easy to apply.

  7. They measure progress by soreness

    If you’ve never lifted weights before you’re probably going to be sore. Does this mean you need to be suffering after every leg day just to get results? Not at all, this myth has been debunked for a while now and if your trainers only intentions are to make you sore you should not hire them.

  8. They don’t get you results

    The truth is long lasting results take a long time to achieve and you may fall off the wagon from time to time. But if you’ve been working with a trainer for several months and have seen close to no results then you should reassess your exercise plan with your trainer.

There are several more signs of a bad personal trainer but these are the main eight I've seen throughout my experience in the industry. Remember to always be clear to yourself and your potential trainer on your expectations of working with them, and always avoid the ones that fall under these signs.

Thanks for reading!