5 reasons to kickstart your fitness before 2019

New Year’s Day always seems like the perfect opportunity to start pursuing your goals. Having goals are super important when it comes to personal development, and we believe everyone should be properly implementing them into their lives. Science has shown us that when you decide to pursue a goal on a specific date rather than your readiness, you are setting yourself up for failure. Below we will discuss why it’s important to start pursuing your goals before 2019.



  1. The season will steal your motivation

    How do you usually feel after the holidays? The media leads us to believe that most people feel motivated to get back to work and start working on their goals but, we all know this isn’t true. After many days of high-calorie meals, poor sleep patterns and alcohol our bodies are left feeling drained which causes a large decrease in motivation.

  2. Avoid the bandwagon

    If you wait until January to start prioritizing your health you will see an enormous crowd of people doing the same thing. Why not start building your healthy habits now and that way you will be further ahead than everyone else by the time January hits.

  3. You’re just procrastinating

    Let’s face the obvious, most of us are procrastinators. More than likely you’ve wanted to take control of your health for a long time now. The time to act on this is now! Not in a month from now. By doing this you will greatly increases you chances of success.

  4. There’s no disadvantages from a head start

    Ask yourself if there are any disadvantages to getting started now? Let me know what you come up with!

  5. Eliminate added stress

    Not only will you be facing large crowds at the fitness facility you’ve chosen but, trying to get back into the routine of work and/or school while being attentive to your nutrition habits can lead you to crash before the weekend even hits.

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