I f*@king love Mondays

According to 80% of you, you all hate Mondays. I don't blame you I used to be in that statistic as well. On Mondays, I would continuously complain about it and by the time it was Tuesday I would be saying "Is it the weekend yet?". The problem with this is I didn't enjoy more than 50% of the week because I hated my job and I didn't have anything else to look forward to.

80% of people HATE Mondays therefore, you should too!

Hard no! Stop letting society trick you into believing that it's normal to hate Mondays and that you should only enjoy your weekends. I want you to think about why you actually hate Mondays? Here are some reason why I used to; 

  • I hated my job
  • The weekend destroyed me
  • Everyone else did
  • I was never prepared
  • I wasn't passionate about anything

I'm no life coach or motivational expert but here are some things that worked for me!


1. Do something you're passionate about

  • I agree that not every single person can turn their passion into a career. If everyone dropped their full-time jobs today to turn their passion into a career we might have some issues, and it just might not be ideal for you at this exact moment. But your job only takes 8 hours of your day and so does sleeping, that gives you 8 hours to pursue your passion, and if you use that time wisely you might even be able to turn it into a full-time income. This doesn't just mean on Mondays you should be taking a step into something you love every single day.

  • Without any passion in our lives, we tend not to work towards anything. This can easily lead to the trap of not looking forward to anything and not feeling ambitious about life. 

2. Schedule your time

  • Don't take offense to this, but you're not that busy, Elon Musk is busy. I swear by google calendars it helps me plan my entire week and helps me realize I have several hours to do things I love, so I can find enjoyment in every single day, not just the days I am not working.

3. Fake it till you make it

  • I wouldn't live by this because It can only get you so far, but science has actually backed this strategy up. Try going into every Monday with a smile and a positive attitude, by doing this consistently you will be less stressed and learn to enjoy each moment more. Click here for the "fake it till you make it" blog it's an awesome one!

4. Stop letting your weekend destroy you

  • If you're reading this then you already might have an interest in fitness and health. Maybe you eat healthy and exercise Monday-Thursday but by the time Friday rolls around you've started to indulge in wine coolers, beer, and dominoes pizza. This is the reason your hangover rolls right through until Tuesday. Check out pages 10-17 of our downloadable eBook on our homepage to find out how you can reduce your hangover. (click here)

5. It's not a punishment it's an opportunity

  • Every Monday you have the opportunity to have a fresh start to the week a great time to start pursuing your weekly goals. If you have a good start to the week, the quality of the rest of your week will be much better.


You're living in the greatest era of history, time to take back your Mondays! Good luck everyone!