Avoid injuries by learning this movement

Have you ever heard of a hip hinge? No? Perfect! I didn't learn how to apply this movement for years until I started taking lifting weights more seriously. If you've never heard of this term then please read this blog as hip hinging is extremely important when doing movements such as the deadlift. 

Ever walk into a powerlifting gym only to hear a bunch of cues being shouted out at someone deadlifting. Before any of those cues are executed a hip hinge should be perfect.


Hip hinging means to sit your hips back with minimal knee bend, and then to be able to come back with a strong contraction in your glutes. Sounds simple right? If you're not correctly performing the hip hinge you are not only putting yourself at risk when you deadlift but, you are also putting yourself at risk whenever you pick up a heavy object. You can say it would be quite irresponsible not to learn this movement pattern!


Here's a simple drill I go over with ALL my clients

1. Find a wall

  • Back against the wall and check your posture. Your head, back, butt, and heals should all be touching the wall.

2. Take a step out

  • Take a small step out (about 3 inches), while keeping all body parts stacked.

3. Try and touch your butt to the wall

  • Use your hands and place them in the creases of your hips, slowly starting moving your hips back with minimal knee bend.

4. Snap your hips back

  • When your butt touches the wall, contract your glutes and come back to your starting position.

5. Take a step out

  • Take another small step out an repeat the drill for 3 sets of 10 repetitions or until you feel comfortable. This is something you can start doing every day! 

You've successfully done a hip hinge! In future blogs, we will be learning more and more about the hip hinge and how we can apply it to become more efficient lifters and stay safe! If you guys are still confused about the hip hinge I am posting a very well done video below by The Natty Professor that explains the concept clearly. If you're still confused after watching this video please come in for a free session and let's go over it together.