How to avoid injuries when lifting weights

It seems like every day we open our Facebook newsfeeds and see a video gone viral of someone doing something absolutely INSANE at the gym. What do they all have in common? They are all putting themselves in danger of getting injured. 

If you use these tips to start working out more effectively you won't only decrease your chances of injury, you will avoid seeing yourself as the next gym fail sensation.


1. Use proper technique

  • There are no excuses to neglect proper technique anymore. There are thousands of books and you-tube videos out there if you are unsure what you are doing. You can even hire a personal trainer/coach for a few sessions if you feel it's necessary.

2. Avoid complicated exercises

  • Did your high school gym teacher try and teach you snatches and clean and jerks? They most likely had zero idea what they were talking about, unless they have a background in Olympic weightlifting. Try and stick to basic barbell training, it's one of the most effective ways to training to build muscle and lose body fat, and if you're even the slightest bit motivated, learning how to do the exercises and how to implement them won't be unmanageable.

3. Warm up

  • Do you ever see the guy who goes into the gym, puts 225 on the bench press and starts lifting it horrifically? Or have you done that yourself? Either way, you need to consider a proper warm-up at the beginning of each workout. If you don't have enough time to warm-up you don't have enough time to workout.

4. Don't be a hero

  • Ever hear of @quartersquatgang on Instagram? It's an account famous for calling people out who are using way to much weight and only squatting to quarter depth. Don't put yourself in that position to have a video gone viral just because you decided to be a hero that day.

5. Find a spotter

  • We've been seeing far too many people fail with weights lately and not using a spotter. They end up dropping a heavy barbell on themselves and attempt to wiggle it off. Clearly, this is dangerous and can be avoided by using a spotter. If there is nobody around to spot you either take some weight off or make sure your safety features are being utilized on the piece of equipment. 

6. Stretch

  • We all know stretching is important but do you know why it is? Reduced pain and stiffness, increased range of motion, improved blood flow, and most importantly the reduced risk of injury. Take 15 minutes after your workout to stretch, and avoid stretching too much prior to your workout, this can actually increase your rate of injury and cause you to lose strength during your workout. Instead of spending your time stretching before your workout make sure you're implementing a dynamic warm up.

7. Take care of yourself outside of the gym

  • Proper nutrition, sleep, and managing your stress are all very important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. If you start to neglect them you will greatly increase your chances of injury in the gym.