Cut these bad habits out immediatley

Here is a list of bad habits you may not even realize are bad! Cut these out immediately and you'll be surprised how much better you will feel!


1. Stop eating free restaurant food

  • Eastside Mario's is infamous for filling their customers up with bread and butter before their meal is ready. What happens when your meal comes out? You force feed yourself because you are already uncomfortably full from all the bread you consumed. They got the best of me several times.

2. You've been drinking your calories

  • All those juices and soft drinks you are drinking are packed with sugar, stick to either water or sugar-free drinks. You will save a ton of calories this way.

3. Cut the combo

  • Some of you refuse to give up your monthly Mcdonald's trip and I don't blame you, it's delicious. Next time you go stick to the main meal and cut out the french fries. You will be surprised at how many calories you will save. There is no need for these extra sides, we call them "empty calories" because they do not benefit you at all.

4. Start asking how your meal is cooked

  • Ever wonder how restaurants make your food taste so good? They add copious amounts of butter and oil to your dish. Next time you're dining out ask the server how your meal is cooked. If there are added fats you can order your dish dry (made without added butter/oil). This is becoming extremely popular so don't be shy.

5. Prioritize your hydration

  • We all know how important hydration. Check out a blog written by a special guest last month! " Click here!

6. Your grocery cart is filled with only "low fat" items

  • A lot of food companies advertise low fat, this could mean the item you are buying has been packed with sugar to compensate for the low fat. This doesn't mean all low-fat items are bad for you, we just want to have a thorough look at the macronutrients just to be sure. Click here for a refresher on macros!

7. You know too much

  • Don't be the person who thinks they know everything, be open to different nutrition strategies from people that are educated and established.

8. Netflix > Sleep

  • I've said it before and I'll say again! Stop using Netflix as an excuse to not get an adequate amount of sleep. Make sure you read #TeamNoSleep part 1 and #TeamNoSleep part 2. Your sleep is important!

9. You skip meals

  • I'm not talking about intermittent fasting, I am talking to those who skip meals throughout the day so they can splurge at night. This is not a healthy habit and can lead to overeating regularly. 

10. You don't ask us questions

  • Our DM is always open for you to ask us any questions you need help with, or you can email us at Either way please don't hesitate to ask questions! 

Hope you enjoyed this blog!