Debunking nutrition myths part 1

With summer around the corner I want to debunk some nutrition tips so you don't go into the season with a false start. With all the information out there it's important to understand what is true and what's not true, so have a look at these 5 myths we are about to debunk. Don't forget to read Debunking Fitness Myths Part 1 & 2, we will post the link directly below this.

Debunking Fitness Myths Part 1
Debunking Fitness Myths Part 2 


1. "Nutrition" bars are a healthy snack 

  • Walk into any grocery store or health food store and you'll see a wide variety of nutrition bars. Don't be fooled by the word nutrition, the majority of these bars are filled with sugar and additives and there is nothing healthy about it. Take a look at this article to see the difference in several nutrition bars on the market. Remember we are talking about health here, not just macros.
25 Best & Worst Low Sugar Protein Bars

2. Low-fat foods are better for you

  • Low fat usually is usually code for high sugar and high additives. For example, always choose butter over margarine, the chemicals in margarine makes it much worse than butter. The key here is portion control, use only a small amount of butter daily. 

3. All yogurt is healthy 

  • A lot of yogurt does contain a healthy probiotic but by the time they load it with sugar yogurt turns into a bad option for a snack. Stick to plain greek yogurt and top it with your favorite fruit and you wont only get the healthy probiotics you will also get a large amount of protein. 

4. You have to keto/paleo to lose weight

  • It seems these diets are now "in", but taking out carbohydrates out of your diet is not practical in our day in age. We've talked about this before the key to success in a diet is whole foods and portion control. 

5. Protein shakes are the only way to build muscle 

  • Protein shakes are perfect for convenience and to help you reach an adequate amount of protein daily. If you can eat enough protein through whole food you don't necessarily need protein shakes. If you're a on-the-go kind of person than by all means invest in a shaker cup and a tub of protein powder, but don't think just because you drink shakes all day you are a health guru.