How alcohol can sabotage your fitness

We know alcohol is not a healthy substance, but I have been asked many times how exactly does alcohol affect our health and fitness. This article does not center around those who occasionally have a few drinks during celebrations, it's directed towards those who drink excessively and still expect to see significant fitness progress.  Sadly, you are holding yourself back from your goals if you are a BINGE drinker and you are doing more damage to yourself than you may know. Have a thorough read and hopefully you will reconsider your drinking habits.


1. Heart Health

  • We were all taught at a very young age that our heart is SUPER important. It works as a pump that delivers blood throughout our body, and it also delivers oxygen and nutrients to all different parts of our body.
  • Long-term excessive drinking can lead to a high blood pressure and a weakened heart. If you're interested in reading further into this please click here.

2. Weight Gain

  • We've talked about this MANY times throughout different blogs, alcoholic beverages have several calories that don't benefit you at all. If you're going to drink PLEASE choose from the alcohol beverage list below.


  • Miller Lite (96 calories)
  • Michelob Ultra (95 calories)
  • Heineken Light (99 calories)
  • Budweiser Select (99 calories)
  • Rolling Rock (116 calories)
Check out this website for a bigger selection

Mixed Drinks

  • Vodka Soda (96 calories)
  • Gin and Tonic (148 calories)
  • Rum and Diet Coke (96 calories)
  • Champagne (90 calories)
  • Old Fashioned (154 calories)

Check out this website for more variety and recipe

3. Athletic Performance

  • Ever wake up in the morning after a long night of partying and trip over your own feet? This is because basic tasks like this require coordination and cognitive precision. Now imagine trying to perform your best in the gym or in your sport while having a hangover, it just doesn't work well.  Alcohol also impairs reaction time, balance, and hand-eye coordination.  

4. Reduced Muscle Growth

skinny .jpg
  • Alcohol impairs a process called protein synthesis which is vital for muscle growth. When you choose to binge drink your testosterone drops and levels of cortisol will increase, which destroys muscle growth. 

5. Sleep

  • Alcohol is known to block REM sleep which the most restorative kind of sleep. If your sleep is being affected your overall recovery will decline. Check out #TeamNoSleep Part 1 & Part 2 for some more facts on the importance of sleep.

6. Dehydration

  • We all know what it feels like to be extremely hungover and feeling like you need gallons of water to feel normal. This is because alcohol is a diuretic meaning it speeds up the loss of fluids that you NEED for proper hydration. Without the nutrients, your overall health and fitness will decline.

7. Reduced nutrient absorption

  • High alcohol consumption can cause nutrient deficiencies several different ways. Alcohol damages the cells of the stomach increasing acid production and decreasing nutrient absorption. Also, like we said above high alcohol consumption leads to dehydration because your body is flushing out fluids fast along with several nutrients needed to be healthy.

There are several reasons why binge drinking can sabotage your health and fitness, give it a quick google search if you're interested and you will find hundreds of articles. These are the main ones we decided were important to educate you on, we hope if you're taking your health and fitness goals seriously you will reconsider how much you are drinking throughout the week.