Grocery shopping for success

Fast food can seem like a great option during the week, but we all know that won't only push us further away from our fitness and health goals but it will also put a large dent in our bank account. Grocery shopping every week can seem super intimidating and inconvenient at first but I promise you after a few weeks of applying these tips it will become part of your lifestyle.


1. Plan your meals

  • Planning your meals ahead of time (preferably Sundays) is the first step in the right direction. Having trouble planning your meals? Try planning balanced meals that have protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Use the list of whole foods below to plan your meals, pick one from each group and stay light on the carbs and fat if you're trying to lose weight.

2. Buy whole foods

  • No need to literally buy from "Whole Foods", try Costco or another local grocery store. Here are the 3 different macronutrients broken down into whole foods.

Protein - Eggs, egg whites, tuna, ground beef, chicken, plain greek yogurt, beans.

Carbohydrates - Bread, bagels, oatmeal, fruit, rice, quinoa, couscous, pasta, potatoes.

Fat - Peanut butter, olive oil, butter, avocado. 

3. Buy frozen produce

  • Not only will you save time and money by buying frozen fruits and vegetables but, they are actually known to be more nutrient dense than fresh produce because they are frozen at the best time of their life.
  • Avoid cooking these vegetables in heavy oils, either steam them or use a light spray.
  • Avoid any products that have added
    ingredients and avoid sauces at all costs. 

4. Look for bulk items 

  • Costco is by far the best place for this. Do one big shopping trip for the month and you'll save tons of money and have enough food to prep for a long time.

5. Eat Before you shop

  • Avoid impulse buying by eating before you go grocery shopping. Those frozen pizzas look 100X better when you're hungry.

6. Prep your meals

  • You've done it! Grocery shopping isn't so hard, is it? Now it's time to set aside a few hours and use those tupperware containers you invested in. 


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