5 recovery methods you need to be applying

I'm sure you have all heard before that changing over to a healthier lifestyle is a 24/7 commitment. We hope by writing these blogs we can help simplify all the different training and diet principles and answer as many questions necessary to add value to your new lifestyle.  One thing we haven't written about is the importance of recovery and how to recover properly after all those intense training sessions. 

Without proper recovery, our bodies will begin to breakdown negatively and our training progress will start to decline. To achieve a greater level of personal fitness you have to put your body under stress and your body has to adapt to the stress to make progression. Without a recovery phase of your training, your body will not be able to adapt to the stress you are putting on it therefore, you will not make progress.



1. Eating enough

  • Proper nutrition and eating enough calories will ensure that you're recovering properly. We see this way too often, many people cut way too many calories out of their diet and increase their training, which leads to a slow recovery process. 

2. Sleeping enough

  • Do you want to achieve a higher performance in training? Your 4-5 hours of quality sleep a night isn't going to cut it. Try getting 8-10 hours of sleep every night and watch your progression take off.  
  • While you're here checkout #Teamnosleep Part 1 and #Teamnosleep Part 2 to educate yourself on the importance of sleep.

3. Stress management 

  • Have you ever tried to eat properly and train while other factors in your life are all out of control? Factors such as relationships, financials, career and anything else that can increase your stress will all partake in a lack of recovery. For some of you, stress is just part of your day to day life, but it doesn't always have to be that way. Try these tips below to help manage your stress and stop holding your progress back. 
1. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, nicotine
2. Increase physical activity (doesn't have to be the gym
3. Get more sleep
4. Try relaxation techniques such as meditation
5. Manage your time 
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4. Eccentric isometrics 

  • Try this strategy out! By using eccentric isometrics you can increase your training technique and movement efficiency. Basically, this allows you to learn how to move correctly and master the movement you have chosen to apply it to.
  • You can apply this movement by using a much lighter load than usual, let's say you are doing a barbell squat. Once the weight is unracked start to descend SLOWLY and when you hit the bottom of your squat you want to HOLD for a short period of time. The concentric portion of the lift needs to fast and explosive. 

5. Low-intensity movements 

  • The worst thing you can do is become a couch potato on your off day's. You will immediately stiffen up and be walking around like a robot. Try movements such as animal flow, loaded carries or any type of mobility drills. 



We hope these super simple tips help you and your training. Have a favorite recovery method of your own? Please share it with us!