Why do I always feel tired & lazy?

Do you constantly ask yourself why you feel so tired and lazy? Trust me, I used to as well until I started educating myself on health and fitness. It's not uncommon to feel this way but the best part of this is you can control the way you feel unless you have a medical condition, even then it can be helped by giving these categories the attention they deserve. Before going on WebMD and diagnosing your self with an uncommon disease have a look at these 8 categories and ask yourself if they need to be changed.


1. High fat/High carb diets

  • If you're someone who has no idea what they are eating day to day chances are you're on a high fat/high carb diet without even knowing it and probably eating too many processed foods which we will get into later. By doing this you are putting yourself in a calorie surplus, therefore, increasing your body fat percentage as time goes on. Looking for tips on how to increase your protein intake? Look no further, we already got some tips laid out for you, click here to view them.

2. Lack of movement

  • You may be the person who has neglected any kind of movement for several years now and that has made a huge negative impact on your energy levels. We aren't suggesting you have to go buy a gym membership right away and start lifting weights. What we want to challenge you to do is start by walking after each meal for 10-15 mins, this will greatly improve your energy levels and your digestion. 

3. Too much processed food 

  • We're not going to tell you to go on a paleo diet even though a great diet is usually built around paleo philosophies, but you do have to be mindful on all the processed food you are consuming. The problem with processed food is that it usually has large amounts of sugar, calories, and a lack of micronutrients which have a huge impact on your energy levels.

4. You're stressed out

  • I think we can conclude without writing an entire article prior to this point that too much stress is not good for us. It affects the way we feel, act, sleep and perform. If your stress is not managed properly, not only will all energy levels take a downfall but you'll notice every other category in your life will start to go downward. 

5. You're eating too little

  • This is very popular, many people decide they want to go on a self-made diet that puts them in a large calorie deficit. The issue with this is that your body will not be able to produce enough energy for you to feel good and you will be more likely to crash and binge with processed foods. If you're interested in working without nutrition coach to learn how to properly achieve your goals please click here with would love to help you.

6. Lack of water 

  • Without an adequate amount of hydration, we will notice our bodies will begin to take a major decline in overall performance. We've already had a guest blogger write about this topic click here to check it out.

7. Lack of Sodium

  • You ever feel like you hit a wall in the gym mid-workout? A lot of people will conclude that this is glycogen depletion but most of the time it is actually a sodium depletion. When we begin our new diets we tend to believe that we need to pull all sodium out of our diets which isn't the best idea. We recommend if you've been experiencing fatigue throughout the day and are on a clean nutrition plan that you start adding salt to all your meals SLOWLY and see if your fatigue starts to decrease.

8. Lack of Sleep

  • Either you're new to the blog or you've heard me talk about this quite a few times. Stop neglecting your sleep! Check out #TeamNoSleep Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 to find out how lack of sleep is affecting your health and energy levels.