#TeamNoSleep Part 3

Looking for ways to instantly improve your sleep? Look no further, if you apply these 5 tips you can improve your sleep tonight!  If you haven't read #TeamNoSleep Part 1 or #TeamNoSleep Part 2 please give it a quick read by clicking the links.



1. Exercise Daily

  • Exercising daily can tremendously improve your sleep quality and also the quantity. By increasing your daily exercise you will increase the amount of time spent in REM sleep which usually occurs 90 minutes after falling asleep. Exercising will also decrease stress and anxiety which will also improve the quality of your sleep because there will be less interuptions.

2. Sleep Schedule

  • Ever find it difficult to fall asleep on Sundays after partying all weekend? This is because of your sleep schedule being disrupted. It's proven that by following a sleep schedule religiously you can increase the quality of your sleep. You're probably not going to follow a sleep schedule on the weekends but our suggestion for that would be to get yourself up on Sunday morning and be productive throughout the day. We've all had those days where we sleep ALL day Sunday and by Sunday night we are wide awake. Maybe if you avoid doing this your Monday won't be so bad after all and you can join the "I f@*cking love Mondays" group, which you can read by clicking the link.

3.Avoid Naps

  • This can sabotage anyone's sleep schedule. If you enjoy coming home from work and sleeping 1-3 hours only to wake up and start a Netflix binge than please reassess your evening routines. This can totally throw off your sleep schedule sabotaging good quality sleep.

4.Avoid Blue Light

  • We're all guilty of this, staying up late at night scrolling Instagram and Facebook. This actually throws off your body's biological clock also known your circadian rhythm. This takes a huge toll on your quality of sleep.

5.Have a bedtime ritual 

  • As humans, we naturally crave routines and getting ourselves into a bedtime routine can help us relax and instantly increase the quality of our sleep. Here's a short list of rituals you can apply 1-2 hours prior to sleeping;
Turn off ALL technology 
Have a warm bath 
Breathing exercises 
Turn on sound machine 
Regulate temperature
Plan the following day
Light walk outside

Let us know if you enjoyed this blog we would love it keep going with these if our readers want us to!