Fitness and entrepreneurship

Recently I got together for a 2 on 1 session with the owners of K+A Personal Concierge Kirsten and Anne-Marie. Both of them understand the importance of fitness and health when it comes to running their own company, as they both need to balance family and other aspects while growing their company. Let's have a look at what we discussed throughout our session. 

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Characteristics of a successful entrepreneur

  • Motivated
  • Passionate
  • Risk taker
  • Hard worker
  • Disciplined
  • Adaptable
"So how does this relate to fitness and health?"

5 ways fitness and health can increase your chances of success

1. Increased productivity

  • Fitness and health can improve your life in many different ways. By attending to your fitness and health daily you can greatly increase your productivity. Exercising increases blood flow which will help you feel alert throughout the day when you're tackling large projects, or just dealing with the day to day tasks of being an entrepreneur. Also, by exercising every day you will increase your overall energy levels. 

2. Stress management

  • If you're an entrepreneur you understand that every day can be stressful. Managing your stress is one of the most important things you can do to ensure longevity in your business. Anxiety and depression is a great challenge we deal with in our modern world, by exercising and proper nutrition you can greatly improve your mental health. 

3. Building your network

  • It's important that you're always meeting new people and building your network when you're an entrepreneur. Joining a local gym or fitness class (CrossFit) will definitely help expand your network. If the gym isn't for you, try joining a team sport.

4. Overcome business challenges

  • Setting different fitness challenges takes hard work, determination, planning, and perseverance. By setting fitness challenges for yourself you will learn how to overcome other challenges in your life through proper goal setting and planning. You can greatly improve the way you look at challenges and overcome the day to day challenges in your own business.

5. Increased confidence

  • Having confidence is needed when you're an entrepreneur, you need to be confident in yourself to overcome the challenging tasks that you run into. By exercising and prioritizing your health you will improve your confidence greatly.



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