7 ways to improve your morning

One thing many high performers have in common is that they all have a morning ritual and they all swear by it.  This isn't a one size fits all situation but if you apply some of these habits and turn them into routine it will not only increase your mood throughout the day you will also increase your productivity. Give it a try!

1. Natural light

  • We often wake up and immediately continue to lay in bed in the dark, either on our phones or looking up at the ceiling. By allowing natural light to come into your room your body will automatically start to reduce the amount of melatonin produced, which is better known as the sleep hormone. Wake up and immediately get exposed to natural light for a guaranteed better start to your day. 

2. Avoid the snooze button

  • I'm guilty of this, I generally set my alarm an hour before I wake up just so I can continue to lay in bed before I have to actually get up. The issue here is that by doing this you are disturbing your REM sleep which is the best quality of sleep. If you are to sleep straight through until you have to get out of bed you will feel much better throughout the day.

3. Hydrate

  • There are many ways to become dehydrated throughout the night. You might have consumed alcohol prior to sleeping, eating a dinner high in sodium/carbohydrates, too much caffeine and sugar through the day, and/or just avoided liquids in general for a long period of time. Whatever the reason is it's important to rehydrate every morning and this is why; 
Makes metabolism more effective
Increase your level of alertness
Improve brain function

Click here to learn more about the importance of hydration.

4. Plan the night before

  • Recently I started using google calendar to plan each day (or try). Not every day is going to be exactly how you set it up to be but you will notice once you do this your "busy" day will not seem so busy anymore and your level of productivity throughout the day will increase. By having this schedule you will decrease the amount of stress from the moment you wake up until the end of your day.

5. Positive Content

  • If you go into every day with a negative outlook you can almost guarantee you will have a bad day. Waking up and immediately turning on social media can easily put you in a bad mood. I personally enjoy turning on some type of positive podcast right when I wake up and it has helped me tremendously. If podcasts aren't your thing either try meditating or reading, all of them work great.

6. Healthy breakfast

  • Some of you may be implementing intermittent fasting which is great as long you have researched the topic thoroughly and using it accordingly. The rest of you may be eating breakfasts that has copious amounts of sugar. By doing this you dramatically increasing your insulin and throwing your blood sugars out of balance, causing you to be hungry and tired by 10 am. 

7. Exercise

  • Don't think of this as going to the gym to squat 315lb, it can be something as simple as going around the block as you sip on your morning coffee. If you start your day laying around you will continue that lazy habit through the day.