Becoming a Personal Trainer

And the top 5 things I’ve learned so far….

Almost 2 years ago I decided I wanted more fulfillment in my work life but I didn’t know how to get their. As a kid, I always wanted to run my own business and always had a passion for fitness and health. In the fall of 2016 I decided to take a leap of faith and get my personal training certificate and not return back to my full time job.

Without getting into every detail I want to share with you the top 5 most valuable things I have learned throughout my journey.


  1. Pay attention to your clients

    Without your clients your business will fail. It doesn't matter how good of a trainer you are, without listening to your clients you will never be able to really coach them into success. Put your phone away and give your client 100% of your attention.

  2. Everyone is different

    Every single person you train is going to be different and may need different protocols depending on their situation. Not only do you need to know how to adapt to different training styles you also need to learn how to motivate people individually. Client A may want to be yelled at and pushed to the edge but client B may never come back if you do that to them. This goes back to listening to your clients and really learning about them.

  3. Don't undervalue your services

    In the first 6 months of starting your business you may need have lower prices just to get your name out there and build that trust within your community. But overtime I truly believe having the cheapest rates will not get you the most clients. Potential clients will question your competence if your prices are lower than the industry standard. If you sell people on the idea that you're cheaper than other trainers chances are they aren't looking for long lasting change.

  4. Always over deliver

    That being said you should always be making your client feel like they are getting more than what they paid for. This is why I spent hours on hours writing dozens of relatable blogs, so if a specific subject ever comes to you clients attention I am able to send a well written blog that will answer their questions. This is just one of many things I do to give my clients the best service possible.

  5. Safety first

    Remember what your job is as a personal trainer and what you are qualified to do. Our jobs are to teach people how to exercise effectively and safely so they can hit specific goals and use these tools for the rest of their lives. That being said, we have seen many trainers do unsafe things that end up hurting their clients. This can potentially destroy a relationship and your reputation. Always be safe when training your clients.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, I will be writing many more to cover different PT development strategies and stories!