Alex Forrestall

I am a 5' 10 tall 23-year female. I have always loved being active, and played tons of sports growing up. The last year and a half however, I've been in school and working, and I struggled with eating properly and getting myself into the gym. I ended up getting very depressed and was stress eating like my life depended on it. Once summer time hit, something in me said it was time to take back control of my body - what I was putting into it and how I was treating it. I messaged Matt and asked him to help me get in gear and push me past my comfort zone. And that's what he's done. For the last 3 months, Matt has been training me 3-5 times a week with personalized work outs that have helped me drop weight, gain muscle, and most importantly, grow back my confidence! While I still have a long way to go to get where I want to be, I’m still very proud of how far I’ve already come mentally and physically. And I couldn’t have done it without Matt. He's done so much to help me and I am so grateful!