Kevin Palma

3 months ago when I started with Matt I was just around a year removed from a compression fracture of my t12 vertebrae. After spending 3 months not working, exercising (aside from short walks) or spending more than 10-15 standing or sitting I was in an incredibly bad place mentally and physically. I was pushing 300 pounds, felt weak and ashamed of where my fitness and body had fallen to, I lacked motivation and the know how to get myself into a routine to make the changes I wanted to. That all changed, Matt took that injury and all of my prior ones into consideration and worked with me to create a plan to build strength effectively and safely. His approach to our sessions combined professional and personal aspects to make the gym something I was excited for each and every session regardless of start time, fatigue or other factors. The atmosphere was friendly and unlike any other trainer I’ve had however the precedent was set that I was there to work, and he has a way of pushing you to get the best out of each and every workout. I cannot thank Matt enough for all the work he put in with me. I didn’t come in with unrealistically high weight loss expectations, I just wanted to get stronger and get a solid base to allow myself to go to the gym on my own and continue where we left off and make positive changes physically. Matt’s given me that and then some, needless to say I would highly recommend his service