Katryna Heyes

Up until I started training with Matt last summer, I had been on and off weight training on my own terms, doing what I thought was ‘proper’ lifting workouts, a mix of HIIT, and then a random surges of all-consuming cardio when I thought that was the only answer to weight-loss. I was a university student stuck in a cycle of yoyo-dieting and playing catch up with my fitness. Over the last year I have been fortunate enough to work with Matt and see not only maintained results, but further expand my knowledge on my own personal health and fitness. Matt created a customized workout plan that fit into my lifestyle both at school and at home – I trained with him for just under 2 months before I went back to school for my third year. Before I left for school in September, Matt made sure that my form and technique were at the level they needed to be at to continue to see results when working out on my own. He ensured that I understood all of the information and routines in my plan and allowed me to move back to school feeling the most comfortable in the gym than I ever had been before. Throughout the course of my third year, Matt and I continued working together through his online training program. He held me accountable, allowed me to continue feeling confident both in and outside of the gym, and kept providing me with insane workouts tailored to the progress I was making and the goals that I had. There’s no doubt that you’ll gain both a trainer and a friend when you work with Matt – whether it’s online or in person, he’s someone you can count on to help reach your goals and make sustainable changes to your health.